All Aboard By Sophie Stern

All Aboard By Sophie Stern

All Aboard by Sophie Stern is now available!

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Macie has never read a dirty book.

Or had a one-night stand.

Or been to a sex club.

When she loses a bet on girl’s night, though, she has to go with her girlfriends to Anchored: one of the hottest sex clubs around.

And it’s nothing like she expected.

Anchored isn’t dirty or sleazy or dangerous. It’s actually kind of nice. It’s actually kind of relaxing.

And when Macie meets Anthony, she realizes she can never go back to the way things were before.

Blue Balls By R C Boldt

Blue Balls By R C Boldt

Blue Balls by RC Boldt is live!!!

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When the universe gets in the way of your “follow through”


Truth: A painful condition caused by a prolonged state of sexual arousal without release.
Myth: Only affects males.


I’m beyond frustrated with the man who’s left me high and very far from dry. Multiple times. But, somehow, even though I’m not interested in a relationship, Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome keeps me coming back for more—one crazy, sexual debacle after the next.

Come hell or high water, the stars will align, and the release will be out of this world.

I’m captivated with the woman who’s left me sixty-nine shades of blue, and she’s only in this for one thing. The first time, I blew it—and not in the good way—but I’m going to ensure we finally see it through. I need to put an end to this “plague” of sexual calamities and prove to Sarah that we can have more.

It’s time to grab the universe by the balls and show it who’s boss.

Skirt Chaser By Stacey Kennedy

Skirt Chaser By Stacey Kennedy

Skirt Chaser by Stacey Kennedy is live!!!
Love gets filthy in the conclusion of the Filthy Dirty Love duology by USA Today bestselling author, Stacey Kennedy.

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Greyson Crawford works hard by day and plays even harder at night. And he understands and obeys the rules of the game. One, don’t mix business and pleasure. Two, employees are off-limits. So, he’s been eagerly counting down the days until interior designer, Evie Richards is no longer under contract with his Seattle architecture firm. But when that day comes, he realizes there are more obstacles in his way. The biggest…Evie herself.

Until Evie gets asked to be the maid-of-honor in her best friend’s destination wedding, and Evie needs a date. The circumstances are perfect for Greyson to set his plan of seduction into motion. He will happily play the boyfriend for the wedding event, if Evie will surrender to his every command and play in his bed.

For Evie, it’s all fun and games until Greyson’s first touch; then she begins to question what’s real. She knows better than to fall for a guy like Greyson–a skirt chasing ladies’ man–but with every slow caress and kinky adventure, she realizes that Greyson knows what he wants, and it isn’t just her body surrendering to him…it’s her heart.

The Wright Mistake By K.A Linde

The Wright Mistake By K.A Linde

The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde is live!!!

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I spent six weeks screwing Austin Wright’s brains out and all I got was this broken heart.

He can’t be trusted. Not with my body or my heart. Yet, two years have passed and I still crave him like an addict needing a fix.

The last time we tried this, it nearly ruined me. I know I should run and never look back. But his dark haunted eyes and razor blade smile speak to my soul. His touch sets my body on fire. And we all know what happens when you light gasoline. Someone is bound to get burned.

A second chance might destroy us both.

Because everyone knows two wrongs don’t make a Wright.

FREEDOM By J.Grayland

FREEDOM By J.Grayland

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Freedom By J.Grayland is taking romance/suspense to the next level. Readers just can’t put this addictive and captivating book down. Available through Amazon on e-book & Paperback. 5 star reviews on Amazon & Goodreads.

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Review- Hot Cop By Laurelin Page & Sierra Simone

Review- Hot Cop By Laurelin Page & Sierra Simone

You have the right to remain sexy.
Anything you say can and will be used to get you in my bed.
You have the right to use my body to give yourself a delirious, life-changing orgasm.
If you have trouble…don’t worry, I’m a bit of an expert in that department.
There’s nothing ‘thin’ about my blue line, if you catch my drift, and trust me, I know how to put those handcuffs to good use.
Livia Ward wants a baby before she’s thirty. And even though Officer Chase Kelly is exactly the kind of cocky jerk this librarian has sworn off, he is undeniably hot. Both of them think they can give each other what they want–a few nights of fun for Officer Kelly, a no-strings baby for Livia–but this hot cop is about to learn that sex, babies, and love don’t always play by the rules.
Librarian Livia wards wants a a baby before she turns thirty and she decides the ask the sexy hot cop Chase kelly to get her pregnant. Both parties in this agreement are going to get what they want, Livia a baby with no strings and Chase lots of hot sex with no strings attached. the only trouble is they didn’t expect just how much feelings this little baby once conceived was going to bond them emotionally to each other. Now I did like this book, the comedic banter between the two characters was at times hilarious and the sex was definitely hot. Good story line I just felt that their attitude to haveing a child together was a really fast and a somewhat immature decision. All Livia seemed to think about was being old at 30 and depressingly desperate and Chase just thought about getting his d**k wet more than the responsibility of having a child. Great narration by Elena Wolfe and Jacob Morgan.