BOOK REVIEW- Broken Angel: Wes: A military Romance By Kristy Gibs


I blamed myself for months; As his sergeant I should have been able to stop him- I should have kept my promise to look after the love of his life.
Wesley Johnson was left with not only scars from the explosion that killed his beloved friend Matt in Afghanistan but a promise to his best friend that he would take care of his fiance. He never expected to fall in love with Angelina but after he met her for the first time, he knew he could never live without her.
This is book 2 of the Broken Angel series but can be read as a stand alone. This book starts from the beginning of the story of Angelina and Wesley but from his side.


This is Book 2 in this series and is told from Wesley’s point of view. Still struggling with his own pain and scars Wes is also battling with his emotions and torn feelings for Angelina, the fiancee of his best friend who was killed by an IED in Afghanistan. What starts as a supportive friendship quickly spirals into a love that they both need. This was such a touching and beautiful read, with a deep emotional pull these two characters have towards each other through their mutual relationship with an unforgettable hero killed in action