BOOK REVIEW- Mr. Match By J.A Huss


Oliver Shrike thinks ahead. He likes to make lists and tick off boxes. He plans, he plots, and he’s got everything under control.
Until one day he sees my videos on his dating site. The private erotic videos I make just for him.
When I’m looking at the camera I can practically see his face. Hear the internal arguments. Feel his desire.
Because I’m that kind of woman.
You should delete my videos, Oliver Shrike. It’s your job to keep that dating site on the up and up.
But you don’t, do you?
You watch them. You get off to them. You crave them.
Every week I make a new one with you in mind. I’ve got you addicted to my body, my moans, my secrets.
I’ve hooked you now, Mr. Match. You’ve been in control for way too long and this is where it ends.

Mr. Match is the last book in the Mister Series. NOT a standalone book.
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Romantic
Mr. Corporate
Mr. Mysterious
Mr. Match


In this book in the series we follow the secret life of Mr. Match and his long kept love of Katya who disappeared from his life 4 years ago and he’s been patiently waiting for her return and now the wait is over because Katya is back and this is where all the stories of the previous mister series come together in an exciting, action, suspense filled drama. I loved it, loved all the characters and the hot, steamy sex. I loved the story line it was interesting and addictive, the only problem that I had with this story is that it was hard to keep track of and I got a little lost because the story was so intricate in it’s plots from the other books and you needed all the little pieces to fit together. So my advice is to read them in one whole sequence because I left a too long of a gap in between reading the books.