BOOK REVIEW- Promises series boxed set volumes 1-3 By Jessica Wood


Promise to Marry
We were best friends since as early as I could remember. We grew up together. We were next door neighbors. We shared each other’s deepest secrets. When I was thirteen, we made a pact: if we were still single by the time we were 30, we’d marry each other.
Today was my thirtieth birthday. I was single. I knew he was single too.
But we were no longer best friends, and a part of me knew that he hated me.
Promise to Keep
I’ve loved her since we were seven. We were best friends. We even made a pact to marry each other if we were both still single at thirty. I grew up thinking I would always love her for the rest of my life.
But I was proven wrong. Because the first time I made love to her turned out to be the first time I hated her. It became the first time she hurt me, and the first time I wanted nothing to do with her.
Today, nine years after the day that broke us apart, we are both thirty and single, and fate decided to intervene. I finally discovered that the reasons behind her betrayal were far different from the ones I’d created years ago in my mind.
Now I’m torn between my hatred over what she did and my undying love for the one girl who I’ve held close to my heart for most of my life.
But is the truth enough for me to forgive her?
Promise of Forever
He promised to always be my best friend. He promised to marry me if we were both still single at thirty. He promised me a forever together.
But that was before I discovered a secret that seemed to shatter everything I’d come to believe in. Had I lost him before he was ever mine? Had this secret ruined any promise of a forever together?


Promises boxed set volumes 1-3 is a story of two best friends Chloe and Jackson that travels over the years and their changing relationship from high school to late adulthood. Promises had promise for the first couple of chapters for me, then there were just so many things wrong. The characters were shallow and immature even when they were 30 year olds. And apparently they loved each other so much that it didn’t even stop either of them sleeping with everyone and anyone around them. And to be honest I didn’t mind what she did to make money but there really is a line drawn at who she did for money. Unfortunately this was such a messy read for me.