Twisted Freedom By J.Grayland


After battling to escape the hold of a brutal past, Doctor Casey Tyler found emotional freedom in an unlikely place, with an unlikely man, Nate King owner of King International Security not only saved her from a kidnapping but also from herself. With the tough walls broken down and a new found trust and love with Nate, Casey is ready for a new beginning as they slowly ease into a normal life together until… Casey receives a phone call from home.

Now having to return to Sydney Australia to face the man who destroyed her childhood, but this time with the strength of Nate by her side Casey is determined to put her past demons to rest once and for all. Only a trip for closure turns into more secrets and unearthed truths for Casey, turning her newly found freedom into something tangled and twisted in the horrors of her past.

Freedom By J.Grayland


Australian Doctor Casey Tyler has been looking for an escape from the memories of her past for a long time so when she takes a 3 month contract working for International Medical Assist the void that’s present in her soul is telling her that this is what she needs to fill it. Flying from one side of the world to another she is faced with a brutal war zone and an unexpected savior in more ways than one.

Nathanial King has seen his share of brutality and war during his 10 years service in the marines, so when a favor is called in by the CEO of IMA to protect a civilian medical team at an American base overseas he finds that his instinct to protect takes over his logic to turn it down, only he didn’t know that a  head strong, mouthy Aussie doctor was going to give him more than he ever bargained for.

Only when a dangerous threat forces Nate to take Casey out of the game and back to his home in the USA  he suddenly realizes that he not only has to protect her from the threat on her life but Casey Tyler needs to be protected from herself. As he gets deeper into her soul he unearths something more darker than he has ever seen before and now he fears he may need to protect himself from the need to own her body and soul.

A beautiful powerful story of pain, forgiveness and love.

Obsession By Nancy Chastain


I glanced up, and was filled with warmth and need all the way to my toes. Dillion was standing there, only in his boxers, arms crossed over his chest, causing his muscles to bulge. I swallowed hard, my mouth suddenly dry. He was gorgeous. When he touched me, I melted. I was in love with this man.
My God she is gorgeous, Dillion thought as he leaned against the door jamb and watched her hips sway to the music. At that moment, he knew he was in love with her.
She is mine. I watched over her as she slept. I had read her innermost thoughts. Sara will realize that she loves me, not Dillion. I will have her no matter what.

The Moretti Brothers: Santino By Kristy Gibs


I couldn’t tell you how I ended up in this situation. Maybe it was carelessness, maybe it was naïveté, but here I was, working for the mob. When I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of singing, I didn’t plan on getting myself involved with one of the most influential organized crime families in the country, but when you witness a mob hit there are only two choices: do what they say or get your affairs in order.

When I was called to tend to an issue that arose in my club, I wasn’t happy. No one likes being interrupted in the middle of the night. But when the interruption turned out to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, my entire life changed.OFrom the moment I saw her, I knew she would be mine.

Office Scandal: Erin By Pandora Tolson


Onyx prides itself on its award winning customer service, however some of the staff prefer to pride themselves on their outstanding blow job skills.
Join Erin, Tessa, Jordon, Ayla and Meredith on their Office Scandals….

Erin Rushford is the quiet one of the team at Onyx, the one you don’t expect to get up to mischief. Of course looks can be deceiving.
After a flirty exchange an affair begins with coworker Cody.
Will mixing business with pleasure result in getting caught or Cody’s wife finding out?