Narrator – Steve West

Narrator – Steve West

So Not only does Steve West have one of the sexiest voices around he also has the looks to go with it, loved him in the Blackstone series, a very talented artist.

A London native Steve began his career by winning the Stage & Television Today Acting Scholarship at the age of 17 (after ironically believing that he had bombed the audition!). What followed took him through one of London’s top drama conservatories, onto the West End stage in ABBA’s musical phenomenon Mamma Mia! and then to working opposite the likes of Chucky the killer doll and Don Draper in TV’s Mad Men.

Having moved to the States in 2009 he earned a place as a highly respected and award winning voice over artist working across commercials, films, documentary, audiobooks and video games. He currently stars as Galahad in Sony’s epic release The Order 1886 which took over 2 years to film employing the latest motion capture and audio techniques.

Versatile in a multitude of ways from acting to singing to dancing to dying 100’s of different ways in a sound booth he continues to enjoy work both on stage, screen and behind a mic. See more of Steve at


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