Sebastian York


Sebastian York – Narrator

Yes I know we all imagine Sebastian York looking like the hunk in the picture above but I am afraid I can’t give you a photo of him because he is quite an elusive person and I am guessing private, can you just imagine all the women he would have trying to hunt him down and see if his physical self matched his voice? I would bet there would be thousands but not only does this man have a voice that’s like melted chocolate smooth and deliciously decadent, and could read a phone book and make it sound hot and sexy he is also a very talented and brilliant narrator bringing emotion, humor, feeling and a personality to the characters. I always look for audiobooks that he narrates and I purchase them and I am thinking that I am not alone here. So Sebastian York if your out there somewhere and by chance you read this thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the pleasure you have given to a lot of people of there in the audiobook world and to be honest I wouldn’t care if you were a crusty 90 year old grumpy man in reality I would still do you.

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