Solid Ground By Megan Green

Solid Ground By Megan Green

Solid Ground: a Wounded Love novel by Megan Green – Author
is live and sounds fantastic!
From piggy back rides to promise rings.


Joey Roberts and Nichole Hadley were inseparable from the moment they met on the playground. Years later, with graduation looming and their future about to begin, they were positive nothing could tear them apart.

Until one bad decision.

More than a decade following their breakup, Joey returns to town after suffering a devastating injury in Iraq. With a new job on the police force and a new house to fix up, he knows he’ll have no trouble keeping his mind and body occupied.

But when a call brings him face to face with a broken and battered Nichole Hadley-Reynolds, it ignites a flame he’d long thought extinguished.

Joey was certain he’d forgotten Nichole.

Nichole doubted she still held a place in his heart.

Will this be the start of a second chance at lost love? Or will they remain floating adrift, forever in search of…

Solid Ground?

**20% of each pre-order and sale through December 15, 2016 will be donated to Futures Without Violence, an organization dedicated to putting an end to domestic and sexual violence**

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