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The Virgin Author Blog 13th May 2018

The Virgin Author Blog 13th May 2018

Hi Everyone sorry it has been a long time since my last blog, so many things have been happening and I have been having so many friggin problems with my book editing. Lets just say that after wasting a month with one I am now with another it’s amazing how much you learn as a virgin author and finding a good editor is one. Just beware that because of the huge amount of new indie authors now anyone can call themselves an editor on social media (And there are a lot that have no qualifications at all) This is a big lesson I have learnt that has been a big kick up the ass for me. They charge you money, even come up with fake contracts and yes they will do the job but once it goes into print and your reviews go up well that’s when the poop hits the fan so to speak because readers are very savvy and pick up everything and you have to pull it down and do it all again and pay again. So please be aware of these people only go with someone that has been recommended to you by another author who has used them, or just research the suckers and get them before they get you. Well hope that helps someone out there. Cheers TVA

The Virgin Author

When I first started writing my book I found myself in a constant google search on information on “What you need to know to write a book etc” Honestly if you read all the available crap out there, you wouldn’t even bother in attempting to write because if you did you would have to write a book that was what millions of others perceive as the “Perfect Book” and not your own. My advise, its good to read some of the available information, just take most of it with a pinch of salt and remember why you wanted to write a book in the first place. Cheers TVA

The Virgin Author Blog

Hi, Everyone and welcome to the first post on my blog, first I will introduce myself I am a virgin author, I self published and released my first book in 2017 and on my journey I have come across a lot of information some good and some bad, some that helped, some that hindered and some that were just a waste of time and money. The biggest thing I found out is that it’s really hard to get good free promotion, or no-one ever seems to explain how things work to you they just expect you to know. “Well no I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you, so please stop using technical words that I don’t understand” If your a virgin too you understand what I’m talking about. So hopefully something I say on here might just help you out. Cheers TVA

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