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Hi, Everyone one of the things I have tried in the book promotion field is and don’t get me wrong I have tried some of their gigs on there and some are really good one of those being a book promotion site called BKnight, excellent for five bucks. There was one that I tried though and I just cannot remember the name but for five bucks they looked at the blurb for your book and came up with 5 keywords to help sell your book on Amazon now this was total BS, the words were crazy I even queried him because one of the “Keywords” for my books was the word Asian. My book has nothing to do with anything Asian at all it’s a romance/suspense set in Australia and the USA. I received an email back saying that he was sorry he had put the wrong word in, well I can tell you I tried the list of words and needless to say there wasn’t any increase in sales, in fact sales dropped off until I went back to my own keywords. So just be careful with it has some great, cheap help on it but it also has a lot of scammers on it. Cheers TVA