The Virgin Author Blog 28th March 2018

Hi everyone sorry it’s been a while since I posted I have been checking out some free book promotion sites, and wow there are quite a few just not as easy and free as you think. Some you have to send in your book and they have to pick it from thousands of others, some you have to have a thousand reviews on amazon and we all know how easy that it to get right? And some have you jumping through hoops almost wanting to know what your blood group is, and then there are the ones that keep you going around in circles on your computer for hours only to give you an error message after a lot of wasted time.

So out of a list of 100 free book promotion sites I was able to post my book to about 3, on the other hand I have quite a few social sites with a decent amount of followers and this site and I have put it out there many times that you can send me your book details and I will share it around and guess how many people I got interested? zero, now I’m not sure if I’m not doing it right or what but I always think that any publicity, no matter how big or small is good. So just be warmed if you are looking for free book promotion sites be prepared to spend a lot of time at the keyboard. Cheers TVA