The Virgin Author Blog 8th March 2018

Hello to all, hope your all having an awesome week so far. So I was searching through my treasure trove of a brain today thinking about some of the things I had learned as a virgin author, and I say treasure trove because my brain is always full of useless information sometimes. My Advice for today would be Amazon ads are great and cheap if you use them right, to start off with I had way too many of them going at once and it cost me a fortune, now I have 1 running with a $1 budget allowing 25 cents per click and I found that I have more clicks for less money. Also pick your own keyword option and don’t choose the option that let’s Amazon choose who to show your ads to. At one stage I had 2 ads running at once one where I picked the keywords and the other where they picked the audience and mine did way better. So don’t be scared of using Amazon ads they can be used and not cost you much at all just remember that YOU are the one who decides how much to spend and not Amazon. Cheers TVA