BLOG 12th October 2017

Hi everyone, Yes I know it’s been a long time coming but I had quite a few problems with my web hosting provider, they were a pain in the ass and ripped me off until the last second so I had to rebuild my site and it is still very much a work in progress. My book is doing pretty good getting awesome reviews just blows my mind but marketing is actually harder than writing the book and there are so many out there just waiting to rip authors off is crazy. At the moment I am trying to find some way of making my book into an audiobook, you see here in Australia we don’t have access to ACX (Even though I have almost begged them lol) so I am on the hunt for a narrator who is interested in partnering up with me and we will split any profits. In fact with all the research I have been doing on this subject I am thinking of trying to form a list of narrators and authors that are interested in partnering up and cutting out the middle man. I see that this is a well needed thing for new and struggling authors in the countries that are not lucky enough to have the services of ACX yet, so tell me what you think? anyone out there willing to help in anyway please drop me a line at Talk soon cheers.