The Virgin Author Blog 22nd May 2018

Now we all love reviews, well we think we do until we start reading them lol some can be absolutely brilliant and some can be just down right nasty, and that’s alright because you just cannot please everyone, all the time and everyone’s tastes are different. My best advice is to try really hard not to read any of them and I know how hard that is but honestly its great reading the good reviews it makes you feel as though all your hard work is now real but the mental torture you put yourself through from reading the nasty reviews is not worth it in the long run. As long as your books are selling, even if its only selling 1 book a week, a month even a year just be proud of taking that huge step and leap of faith in yourself to press the publish button in the first place. Cheers. TVA

The Virgin Author Blog 13th May 2018

Hi Everyone sorry it has been a long time since my last blog, so many things have been happening and I have been having so many friggin problems with my book editing. Lets just say that after wasting a month with one I am now with another it’s amazing how much you learn as a virgin author and finding a good editor is one. Just beware that because of the huge amount of new indie authors now anyone can call themselves an editor on social media (And there are a lot that have no qualifications at all) This is a big lesson I have learnt that has been a big kick up the ass for me. They charge you money, even come up with fake contracts and yes they will do the job but once it goes into print and your reviews go up well that’s when the poop hits the fan so to speak because readers are very savvy and pick up everything and you have to pull it down and do it all again and pay again. So please be aware of these people only go with someone that has been recommended to you by another author who has used them, or just research the suckers and get them before they get you. Well hope that helps someone out there. Cheers TVA

The Virgin Author Blog 28th March 2018

Hi everyone sorry it’s been a while since I posted I have been checking out some free book promotion sites, and wow there are quite a few just not as easy and free as you think. Some you have to send in your book and they have to pick it from thousands of others, some you have to have a thousand reviews on amazon and we all know how easy that it to get right? And some have you jumping through hoops almost wanting to know what your blood group is, and then there are the ones that keep you going around in circles on your computer for hours only to give you an error message after a lot of wasted time.
So out of a list of 100 free book promotion sites I was able to post my book to about 3, on the other hand I have quite a few social sites with a decent amount of followers and this site and I have put it out there many times that you can send me your book details and I will share it around and guess how many people I got interested? zero, now I’m not sure if I’m not doing it right or what but I always think that any publicity, no matter how big or small is good. So just be warmed if you are looking for free book promotion sites be prepared to spend a lot of time at the keyboard. Cheers TVA

The Virgin Author Blog 20th March 2018

Hi Fellow Virgin Authors, I know I touched on the subject of Amazon ads and I have just found out something new, well its new to me anyway. When I first started to use Amazon ads I was told that the less keywords you had the better result you got, I also thought that I was limited on keywords but apparently not so I added all the keywords I wanted from books titles I like to authors I follow to just plain words that had anything to do with my book and my sales jumped so I thought I would pass this information on to you hope it works just as well as it has for me. Cheers TVA

The Virgin Author Blog 16th March 2018

Hi Everyone, over the last week or so I have been looking at different websites trying to find some companies that will do a new release book blitz at a price that I can afford, needless to say I haven’t found anything as yet so the search will continue. Have you ever noticed a free tool out there called instafreebies? I was so excited when I found this site you can put your book on it and give away copies of your book in 3 different formats which is a great idea to pull in some reviews (Hopefully) or just to get your book and your name out there, although on further research I found out that if your book is already on KDP you can’t offer your book for free so make sure you do it before you press the publish button in KDP. Cheers TVA

The Virgin Author Blog 14th March 2018

Hi Guys, I hope all you virgin authors out there are doing well and plugging those books, the marketing is like jumping into a huge bowl of noodles and trying to work out where you start first. Some people will tell you that sharing your books to promotion groups on social media is a waste of time but really what doesn’t work for some may work for others and I think every little bit helps. I believe the more you put yourself out there the better chance you have of being noticed, while we would all like to have a bottomless pit of money to be able to afford professional advertising some of us have to make do with a zero budget. I find that sometimes the advice that virgin authors are given is by other jealous authors who are just trying to put off the future competition lol so remember just follow your dream after all what have you got to lose. Cheers TVA

If anyone would like to ask me a question or if you would like to share your book on the web site feel free to drop me a line at.

The Virgin Author Blog 11th March 2018

Hi Everyone, ready for another tip? I joined a few author sites on Facebook you know the ones where you can ask advice and others will help? Yeah well so I thought lol. Now don’t get me wrong some were great especially the American authors they can not help you enough they are absolutely brilliant, but if your an Australian author hoping to get some help and support from your fellow authors, forget it. I’m not sure why but for some reason they seem to put up an instant barrier, like your competition and they don’t want to have anything to do with you, I felt like I had a disease or something well unless your in their little click group which compiles  of maybe 10 , so I will stick with my new friends from the US, much more helpful and kind and always have the time to chat. Cheers TVA

The Virgin Author Blog 8th March 2018

Hello to all, hope your all having an awesome week so far. So I was searching through my treasure trove of a brain today thinking about some of the things I had learned as a virgin author, and I say treasure trove because my brain is always full of useless information sometimes. My Advice for today would be Amazon ads are great and cheap if you use them right, to start off with I had way too many of them going at once and it cost me a fortune, now I have 1 running with a $1 budget allowing 25 cents per click and I found that I have more clicks for less money. Also pick your own keyword option and don’t choose the option that let’s Amazon choose who to show your ads to. At one stage I had 2 ads running at once one where I picked the keywords and the other where they picked the audience and mine did way better. So don’t be scared of using Amazon ads they can be used and not cost you much at all just remember that YOU are the one who decides how much to spend and not Amazon. Cheers TVA


The Virgin Author Blog 5th March 2018

Hi, Everyone one of the things I have tried in the book promotion field is and don’t get me wrong I have tried some of their gigs on there and some are really good one of those being a book promotion site called BKnight, excellent for five bucks. There was one that I tried though and I just cannot remember the name but for five bucks they looked at the blurb for your book and came up with 5 keywords to help sell your book on Amazon now this was total BS, the words were crazy I even queried him because one of the “Keywords” for my books was the word Asian. My book has nothing to do with anything Asian at all it’s a romance/suspense set in Australia and the USA. I received an email back saying that he was sorry he had put the wrong word in, well I can tell you I tried the list of words and needless to say there wasn’t any increase in sales, in fact sales dropped off until I went back to my own keywords. So just be careful with it has some great, cheap help on it but it also has a lot of scammers on it. Cheers TVA


 When I first started writing my book I found myself in a constant google search on information on “What you need to know to write a book etc” Honestly if you read all the available crap out there, you wouldn’t even bother in attempting to write because if you did you would have to write a book that was what millions of others perceive as the “Perfect Book” and not your own. My advise, its good to read some of the available information, just take most of it with a pinch of salt and remember why you wanted to write a book in the first place. Cheers TVA

Hi, Everyone and welcome to the first post on my blog, first I will introduce myself I am a virgin author, I self published and released my first book in 2017 and on my journey I have come across a lot of information some good and some bad, some that helped, some that hindered and some that were just a waste of time and money. The biggest thing I found out is that it’s really hard to get good free promotion, or no-one ever seems to explain how things work to you they just expect you to know. “Well no I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you, so please stop using technical words that I don’t understand” If your a virgin too you understand what I’m talking about. So hopefully something I say on here might just help you out. Cheers TVA

Writers Blog 6th November 2017

Hi, Everyone sorry it has been a while sine I have posted I have been trying to find another way of getting my book onto audiobook, bloody impossible if you live in Australia and your not a millionaire, you see ACX who works on a royalty share basis will not take on Aussies. So I thought I would take it to the social networks and ask, I got some good information but still very costly, not very good for a poor writer’s pocket lol So needless to say I am back at square 1 and still looking maybe one day I will hear my book on audio all I can do is dream.


Writers Blog 31st October 2017

Hi Everyone and Happy Halloween I hope you all are having a scary awesome time. I wanted to talk about the importance of audiobook narrators I often wonder if they no just how much effect they can have on some peoples lives? Like myself I love to plug in my ear phones and drift into a fantasy world that is a long way from my own stress and life you see I work in palliative care and sometimes I need a little break from reality and fortunately for me I have my audiobooks and there is nothing like a few hours with Sebastian York, Andi Arndt, Joe Arden, Maxine Mitchell, Tanya Eby and many more that have been responsible for my calm, my center, my reality. So to all the narrators out there I thank you for doing much more than your job.

Writers Blog 22nd October 2017

Hi Everyone, well I have just participated in my very first author signing event and it was awesome, I had such a good time, I met so many great people and got some great book marketing tips on the day. I would have to admit as a new author it was very scary, I also had to get over the idea that I didn’t belong there as well which was a hard one. If your a closet author like me that is a person who has written for years and kept it all for your eyes only it becomes pretty hard to share because the self doubt starts to creep in, the fear of rejection and take it from an expert I have had rejection my whole life and it will always have it’s grasp on me I have just decided it is not going to win. Budding authors never give up.

BLOG 12th October 2017

Hi everyone, Yes I know it’s been a long time coming but I had quite a few problems with my web hosting provider, they were a pain in the ass and ripped me off until the last second so I had to rebuild my site and it is still very much a work in progress. My book is doing pretty good getting awesome reviews just blows my mind but marketing is actually harder than writing the book and there are so many out there just waiting to rip authors off is crazy. At the moment I am trying to find some way of making my book into an audiobook, you see here in Australia we don’t have access to ACX (Even though I have almost begged them lol) so I am on the hunt for a narrator who is interested in partnering up with me and we will split any profits. In fact with all the research I have been doing on this subject I am thinking of trying to form a list of narrators and authors that are interested in partnering up and cutting out the middle man. I see that this is a well needed thing for new and struggling authors in the countries that are not lucky enough to have the services of ACX yet, so tell me what you think? anyone out there willing to help in anyway please drop me a line at Talk soon cheers.